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Men / Women
F0250-909 Safety Shoe
2020-09-29 11:24
S1P - laces50% polyester/50% recycled polyesterSize 42: 385gLightweight. Breathable. Metal free. Lace fastening. Carbon fibre toe cap. TPU toe reinfor
3 850,00 ZAR each
F0251-909 Safety Shoe
2020-09-29 11:26
S1P - BOA® Fit SystemMASCOT® FOOTWEAR CARBON 50% polyester/50% recycled polyesterSize 42: 390 gLightweight. Breathable. Opens and fastens with BOA®
4 750,00 ZAR each
F0252-909 Safety Sandal
2020-09-29 11:27
S1P - BOA® Fit SystemMASCOT® FOOTWEAR CARBON50% polyester/50% recycled polyesterSize 42: 390 gLightweight. Breathable. Opens and fastens with BOA®,
4 750,00 ZAR each
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MASCOT® FOOTWEAR CARBON is a new collection of safety footwear for the quality-conscious trade professional. The footwear is made from premium materials, which include carbon fibre toe caps, innovative XL EXTRALIGHT® EVA sole material and a MASCOLAYER® nail protection. The footwear's textile material is made from 50% recycled polyester.

The MASCOT® FOOTWEAR CARBON collection consists of safety footwear and sandals in three different variants. A special feature of this collection is the footwear's toe caps, which are made of carbon fibre. Carbon fibre is a lightweight but exceptionally strong material, which makes the toe caps particularly resistant against knocks and pressure. Carbon fibre toe caps are also metal free and therefore conduct neither heat or cold.
Innovative sole material ensures optimum comfort

The safety footwear in MASCOT® FOOTWEAR CARBON comes with a lightweight, flexible and innovative XL ETRALIGHT® EVA sole. This type of sole contributes to the footwear's overall low weight, excellent comfort and high shock-absorption, making it particularly comfortable to wear all day long. The sole also gives the footwear an extraordinarily impressive shock-absorption, which protects the back and legs from strain and impact during the working day. This in turn reduces the typical soreness in the legs and feet experienced after a long day at work.
Footwear for the quality-conscious trade professional

MASCOT® FOOTWEAR CARBON was developed with the purpose of creating lightweight, innovative and functional footwear for the busy trade professional. For this reason, the footwear is designed with a MASCOLAYER® textile nail protection, which is particularly lightweight and flexible. The soft and pliable nail protection provides excellent comfort, where the footwear easily follows the foot's natural movements in both a standing and kneeling position.
Laces or Boa® Fit System

Footwear in MASCOT® FOOTWEAR CARBON comes with two different closures: laces or the Boa® Fit System. Laces make the footwear entirely metal free. Footwear with the Boa® Fit System is not metal free, but provides a strong, adjustable and firm fit that keeps you steady all day long. Thanks to the integrated click system, Boa® is also particularly suitable if you need to pull the shoes on and off several times a day.

About Us

Prime European Imports (Pty.) Ltd is an importing company based in Cape Town and we are an authorised distributor of Mascot Workwear and Footwear in and around South Africa.
We also specialise in importing of quality building materials from Finland.

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